Holy Week Daily Devotional Day 5: Is it Good Friday?

Its Good Friday.  Wait.  Good Friday?  Why do they call it Good Friday?  I mean after all, if a mother lost her first born and a father has to bury his son who was convicted of crime he didn't commit, how can we call that good?  Have you ever wondered to yourself, "why is it called Good Friday?"  As you watch today's video daily devotional I hope it encourages you and helps you answer that question.  God bless you! 

Holy Week Daily Devotional Day 4: A Pressure Packed Situation

Good Thursday morning.  Thursday of Holy Week was a tough day for Jesus.  How's your's going?  Today's devotional is designed to help us see how Jesus dealt with more pressure than we could ever imagine.  I believe that if we can follow His example we'll also find His victory.  I hope you are blessed by this video.  Please leave a comment about how it blessed you or how we can make it better.  Don't forget to share.  God bless you. 


Like is full of choices.  I believe you and I have some choices to make this week.  Joshua tells his people in Joshua 24 that they must chose who they will serve.  I want to encourage you to make your own choice in this moment.  Its a big choice.  BLESS HIM OR BETRAY HIM. Watch this video, leave a comment about how it blessed you or how we can make it better and share.  God bless you!

Holy Week Daily Devotional Day 1

Welcome to Holy Week!  I'm so excited to introduce this awesome new blog that we are launching this week with 6 video blogs.  These video blogs are designed to walk us through Holy Week from Jesus' perspective and provide for us a way to grow closer to God and give him more glory.  I hope that you are encouraged by them each day.  Starting tomorrow they will be posted at noon.  Please leave a comment and share with friends neighbors and coworkers. Below is today's video.  Be blessed!