Which one are you?

Its advent season on the preaching calendar. I know this may sound funny but this is the time on my calendar every year that is dedicated to preaching Jesus.  Specifically speaking, I preach about Jesus presented in his incarnation and the events that surrounded it. That's what advent is all about. This year the gospel of Luke is my biblical backdrop.  I hope you will be blessed by it.  Each Tuesday leading up to Christmas I'll do a quick post to encourage you in this holiday season.  Here is the first on.

At the pinnacle of His ministry, after he had performed miracle after miracle, wonder after wonder and sign after sign, in the eyes of most people the identity of Jesus was nebulous.  The same was not true of His mother, Mary, at His birth.

Apathy, confusion and concrete.  These are the best words to describe the mind of the people who lived with, witnessed and worked with Jesus as it relates to the identity of the historical Jesus of Nazareth.  Just who was this son of a carpenter who was rumored to be born to a woman who never knew a man?  By the time Luke writes his letter (the Gospel according the Luke)  to Theophilus there were three types of people in the world and I believe they still exist today.  There were those who were not concerned about who Jesus was.  There were those who were not sure who Jesus was.  Finally, there were those like Peter who knew precisely the true identity of this historical Jesus of Nazareth. Mary also knew who He was.  What made her so special was that she took God at His word.  Before Christ came into this world, Simply put she knew who Jesus would be because she got a word from the Lord.  She believed that Jesus was the Christ and THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING! So apathetic, confused or concrete.  Which one best describes you?  Does that make a difference in your life?