Can God get glory from your brokenness?

A lot of things in life get broken.  All of us know what its like to drop a glass and see it break.  It falls, hits the ground and shatters into what seems like a hundred pieces.  Glasses get broken.  Plates get broken. Toys get broken.  Games get broken.  Bones get broken and sometimes even hearts get broken.   There is a natural tendency to throw things away that get broken.  The drinking glass, the plate and sometimes the toys that get broken get thrown away because they are beyond repair.  But then there are somethings in life that when they get broken, we will do whatever we have to do, read whatever we have to read and spend whatever we have to spend to try to fix it.  If we know the value of that which has been broken then we will do whatever it takes to fix it. This is true for most of us.  Then there are times in our own lives where we have been through so much, seen so much, experienced so much that we just feel broken. Our families have been fractured.  Our homes have been damaged, along with our egos.  Our lives are no longer in one piece and nothing seems to be in working order.  That is really a dark place.  But have you ever considered that maybe, just maybe in order to see the real value or worth in something, it had to be broken?  A stained glass window, is a perfect picture of the promise of being broken.  Most of us have seen the brilliance and beauty of stained glass windows.  As a matter of fact, 100,000 people a year come to the Washington Cathedral just to view the stain glassed windows.  They are beautiful.  Many of those visitors are shocked and amazed to find out that these beautiful stain glassed windows are nothing more than thousands of pieces of broken glass that bring glory God when the son shines through them.”  Our lives are much like these stain glass windows.  Sometimes, in order for us to bring God glory, we have to be broken and put back together so that God can get the glory when His Son shines through.  Sometimes, in order for God to get the glory, we may need to be broken.  But the good news is that if God allows you to be broken, just rest assure that there will be a commensurate blessing.  So every day, when we realize that we woke up in our brokenness, we ought get and say to ourselves, rise, shine and give God glory! On EASTER SUNDAY we launched a sermon series that we are excited about called "HOW TO BOUNCE BACK FROM BEING BROKEN".  Click HERE to listen to the sermon series.